Project InterFlex

Interconnects for Flexible Foils




Motivation and Focus

Flexible printed circuit boards (flex-PCB) are widely used in many different devices today, ranging from consumer electronics to advanced microelectronic systems. The use of flexible printed circuit foils (flex-PCF) for large area electronics, however, presents a series of new challenges. Although PCF can easily be produced in large quantities, for example by roll-to-roll processing, their maturity level is well below that of  the flex-PCB. One of the most important challenges is forming reliable interconnects between the electronic components and the printed circuit foil as well as between the printed circuit foils. The Interflex project targets to provide industrial solutions with solder-free integration and interconnection technologies for flexible electronics systems based on PCF. New, adhesive-based interconnects are developed tailored to the demands of manufacturing a system-in-foil. Reliability investigations on interconnections provide knowledge on quality of fabrication technologies and products. Efforts towards the standardisation of component-to-foil and foil-to-foil interconnections support the commercialisation of flexible large area systems-in-foil.

Call FP7-ICT-2009.3.3:
Flexible, organic and large area electronics,
Duration: 2010 - 2013

the final report is now available