• Development of interconnection technologies between flexible components and flexible foils as well as between functional foils.

    • Integration of foil components e. g. flexible foil sensors, foil batteries and foil-based photovoltaic modules

    • Assembly of thinned flexible ICs on wiring layers (printed circuit foils)

    • Aligned multilayer foil-to-foil lamination of printed circuit foils

    • Electrical interconnection of stacked printed circuit foils to achieve multi-foil based systems, i.e. 'system in foil'
  • Realization of passive elements (resistors, capacitors) with 5% tolerance, homogeneously integrated on printed circuit foils

  • Development of PI-based printed circuit foil with front- and back-side metallization and blind hole micro vias (Ø 50 µm)

  • Realization of PEN-based printed circuit foils with front-side metallization and through hole vias (Ø 500 µm)
  • Establishment of a testing concept for integrated (foil) components.